What to look for in a interior designer?

Have you ever thought choosing the perfect interior designer for your dream home project? If not, then you are at the right page. We are here to guide you with enough tips to choose the best one for your project. Remember, decorating your home in the best way possible, is always a good thing as the memories will stay for a long period of time. Here are top five things that answer the question: “What to look for in an interior designer”.

Ask, ask and ask

The first thing you do before hiring an interior designer is research everything possible about that company or person. Check out if they are listed in any publications, in your city or a place that you visited recently. Also have a word with your friends and family about the designers they hired for their home projects. Remember, home projects tend to be crucial as it is the place where you are going to live with your entire family. You can also check the designer’s background in legal associations.  If they are registered with the Society of Interior Designers, then you can be sure they are well established in the industry. However, there are many fake websites posted too; therefore always do a thorough check.

Credentials and more

It is a good thing to check for the credentials of the designer. As mentioned before, if he or she has registered with SIDA they you can be rest assured about their credibility. Also, you can understand more about their background from their professional approach to interior design.


Review the portfolio

If you have found some designers for your home project, the next thing to do is review their portfolio. Some designer have excellent portfolio and hence you will not have any trouble reviewing it on their website. Go through their past projects and find out which ones you like the most.  Remember, a good interior designer will try their best to suit the needs of their own client.

Meeting the designer

Once you have narrowed down your choices, set up an initial meeting with the designer. This is where you will get a better picture of the person whom you intend to hire. It is always good to have a direct consultation because you can easily understand the designer in person rather than discussing the project with them online.


Ask as many questions as you want

We have seen many people being quiet during the first meeting. This is not the right way to communicate with a designer. You should ask as many questions as possible. You can check if they have completed any project similar to yours, what were their responsibilities and plans for their previous projects, how they completed the projects, what suggestions they can give for your project, and so on. Remember, you can know more about the designers and their background when you talk to them more about their past projects.

Now that you have a clear picture about what to look for in an interior designer, you should go ahead with the planning. Choosing the right designer for your home project is very vital and you should spend enough time with that!

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